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Iris being happy

Controlled by: Dyllon
Species: Geyik
Born: Astral Era, Year 586
Died: Hopefully no time soon!
(17 years)

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades: *animal caretaking
  • conserving energy
  • healing magic
Items: *wooden staff
  • treats for Ginger
  • a cute hat
  • a tiny mortor & pestal
Magical Abilities: *healing magic
  • shielding magic
  • minor prophetic abilities

Iris is young Geyik girl from a small village in the Distant Hills. Her faithful companion is a little Cado dragon named Ginger, who she knew for most of her life. She left home and traveled to Coxarif where she hoped to pick up worldly experience so she could pursue her passion in healing. She encountered two orcs, Barhill and Maggie, who lead her to Black Bow's Adventuring Guild where she met Aria and Cass.