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The Republic of Ustendelle
Flag for the Republic of Ustendelle
Local Region:  Forest's Edge
Capital: Coxarif
Official Language:
And other Languages
Demonym: Ustendelli

Government Style: Republic
Premier Niall Ruiseal
Legislative Branch Senate
Judiciary: Ministry of Justice

Population: 580,250
Currency: Cilea
Religion: The Old Gods

Ustendelle is a country populated mostly by humans bordered by the Elahána Forest to the east and the Kingfisher Forest to the west. It isn't known when it was founded or by whom, but the country has been around for at least two centuries. Its capital, Coxarif, is the largest city in the region and a major trade centre.

Several villages lie along the border of the Kingfisher Forest, using it for shelter, food growth, and an endless supply of wood. Ustendelli citizens from the rest of the country tend to view these villagers with suspicion for living along the edge of an ancient and dangerous magical space.

To the east of Kingfisher forest lies what is colloquially known as The Deadlands, a 100-kilometre stretch of land where no trees are capable of growing. The Deadlands are covered in tough, ankle-length grass, cracked earth, and occasional pools of steaming water that requires sanitising before it can be drank. While nobody can be sure why The Deadlands exist, the prevailing theory is that it has something to do with the Kingfisher Forest.

While the northeastern portion of Ustendelle is cosmopolitan and home to many different races, villages in the central and western expanses are usually made up only of humans. Because of this, along with less access to magical education in those regions, mages and people of races other than human are looked upon with distrust. Elves, dwarves, elementals, and fae are often warned to disguise themselves as human as much as possible when they travel past Port Erin.