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The following is a simple post-by-post summary of the story told in A Voice from the Storm.

All headers within this section should be linked to an appropriate Post Porting Project2 entry, contained within the wiki, and grouped into the approximate story epochs in which they occur.

Arrival at Ceadaichte Mòir

A Voice from the Storm (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Síne, a self-styled woman of science, is afraid of Kingfisher Forest. Kingfisher is clearly magical in stark contrast to the grounded and primitive village of Ceadaichte Mòir. In response to noise at her door, she goes outside and reflects on her students.

A Day in the Life of Herbert Wallace (by Luca) - [PPP2 Record]

Herbert Wallace (Talamaeus Laraxius), the self-styled Emperor of Fyrom, under Mount Abandon, surveys his domain and firebombs a crow for not respecting his inverse day/night policy.

A Leaf in the Wind (by Rea) - [PPP2 Record]

[Untitled Post] (by Natalie) - [PPP2 Record]

Attacked by Darkness (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Síne mentally derides getting older. Her eyesight is getting worse and she has begun experiencing random pains. In an instant, she both hears the explosion and is tackled by Leeva, resulting in her belief that she is about to be murdered.

[Untitled Post] (by El) - [PPP2 Record]

We Are All of Us TREES (by Rea) - [PPP2 Record]

A Wooden Introduction (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Síne realises she has not been attacked and, instead, was merely tackled when Leeva was frightened by the explosion. The two introduce themselves to one another.

Human is a Hard Language (by Rea) - [PPP2 Record]

Boulder Dashing (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Síne, now feeling closer to a forest sprite, leads Leeva through the village and, unkowingly, toward the Fyrom Empire. She sees the dead crow calls out to ask if anyone is hurt.

Close Encounters with the Educated Kind (by Luca) - [PPP2 Record]

Servant (by Jens) - [PPP2 Record]

Night to Day (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Síne notices Osin and flees the scene. Rizali is revealed, appearing to be a bumbling mage from the big city, passing through town on the way through Kingfisher Forest. He ingratiates himself with the mayor and is put up in their home during his stay.

Setting the Stage (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Rizali addresses a crowd of villagers who have come to convince him not to enter the forest. He attempts to spur their sense of curiosity and adventure, but Síne enters the scene and hands him a book. Something has clearly terrified her.

[Untitled Post] (by Jess) - [PPP2 Record]

An Empire's Rise and Fall (by Luca) - [PPP2 Record]

Showtime (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Rizali weighs the pros and cons of ferrying a minor outside of the country. Eventually he decides to pawn Cathal off on Kaegan and Lyndh, then begins approaching the mayor's house to do some much needed reading.

[Untitled Post] (by Jess) - [PPP2 Record]

[Untitled Post] (by Cas) - [PPP2 Record]

Toward the Endlessly Setting Sun (by Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Rizali is stopped by Cathal, who shows him a map and asks what he should do. Rizali points out that once they leave Ustendelle, he has no plan of returning. Cathal leaves in a huff. Rizali finally gets to the mayor's house and begins reading.

A Foresty Affair (by Rea) - [PPP2 Record]

AVftS: Small Town Friendly (by Luca & Emily) - [PPP2 Record]

Kaegan talks to some people in town and realises Ceadaichte Mòir is cursed. He seeks out Rizali to have a conversation about how they MUST leave. Rizali agrees, but they are cornered by the mayor's wife and her cooking. With only what they can carry, the pair teleport to the edge of town, where they and Lyndh finally leave to enter the forest.

Into the Forest

AVftS: (King)Fishing for Hijinks (by Luca & Emily) - [PPP2 Record]