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Síne reading a book, AE603

Controlled by: Kyrie
Species: Human
Born: Astral Era Year 573
(34 years)
Nationality: Ustenflag.png Ustendelli
Political Affiliation: Ceadaichte Mòir

Items and Abilities

Síne is a woman living in Ceadaichte Mòir. The only person among the village interested in learning and books, she has wedged herself into importance by becoming the village's sole schoolteacher once the previous one had died. She is terrified of Kingfisher Forest because she cannot understand nor explain how it works or why it is there.

In Ceadaichte Mòir, people tend to be uninterested in anything outside of their farms and continuing the status quo. During the winter, when farming is impossible, the farmers send their children to the town hall, where Síne teaches them to read, write, and understand basic maths. In exchange for this service, they provide Síne with her basic needs, as well as funding minor luxury trades for her when the seasonal traders arrive. Síne is fascinated by local (and not so local) stories and legends, seeing the things around her through a mythological lens. She has a professionally friendly relationship with the town's mayor, Eoin, as well as the half-elf immigrant Osin.

Involvement in A Voice From the Storm


At the start of the thread, she is in the process of grading the final lessons and paperwork of her students, who will be ending school within the next few days. The seasonal traders were a few days behind schedule due to ferrying the passengers Rizali, Lyndh, and Kaegan, leaving her with the last few centimetres of candlelight.

A loud noise outside the village causes Síne to exit her home and, while she is looking for the source, she meets Leeva. Leeva latches onto Síne's body, thinking she is a tree, while Síne believes she is being killed by some foreign monster. Though their introduction is fearful, the two befriend each other quickly through a shared curiosity and leave to find the source of the explosion together. When they enter the domain of Talamaeus Laeraxius, they are separated due to Leeva's fear of Laeraxius's loud and abrasive nature, as well as the unannounced appearance of Osin, who was also responding to the sound.

Before Osin had arrived, Síne and Laeraxius were discussing his "sovereign right" to sole residency of the area, which he had called Mount Abandon. They had come to an agreement that she would leave and he wouldn't throw any more explosives. Upon Osin's arrival, Síne, in hopes of veering Osin from Laeraxius's trail, quickly left the scene.

Post-Party Arrival

Síne returns the large stacks of paper, empty inkwells, and older books to the traders and receives new paper, filled inkwells, and books in return. One of the books she finds is attributed to an unknown author, who spoke of an empire on the other side of the forest. Síne was concerned about this book in particular due to it being tattered and ripped, and so chose to read it first, hoping to return it to the traders before they left after a few days. Whatever she read inside the book terrified her enough to take the book to Rizali, who was at that time attempting to sway the villagers into allowing them to pass through the forest with anyone who would be interested in joining. While handing it over to them, she was clearly frayed and terrified.