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Controlled by: Casimir
Species: Human (Sylvan)
Born: Grasscutting, 13-3 Chestnut-Birch (AE591)
(16 years)
Nationality: Tsůnpar (Tůcrann)
Political Affiliation: Non-aligned

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades:
  • Second-sight [1]
  • Cosmology [2]
  • Orientation [2]
  • Botany [3]
  • Foraging [6]
  • Felt Vest
  • Map of Tsůnpar
  • Enchiridion
Magical Abilities:
  • Familiar Recall
  • Magnetic Slide

Ramår is a Tsůnpar-born human character in A Voice from the Storm. Ramår is a young sylvan scout, whose imprudence led to their fall from a cliff at the westernmost edge of their native land, Tsůnpar.

Ramår is an initiate in Tůcrann society. Thus, they have been initiated to the natural arts such as writing, poetry, botany and cosmology. The extensive knowledge of the natural world, which constitutes essential Sylvan education, allowed them to approximate their location and forage for food when they fell off a cliff at the westernmost edge of Tsůnpar. However, the uncharted status of Kingfisher Forest and the area near its edge led to Ramår's rapid disorientation, finding themselves blocked from returning to their land by the steep angle of the cliff whence they fell.

Ramår survived the fall thanks to the Kingfisher's extensive foliage cover, which effectively slowed their fall. Left unharmed with but a few sores and aches, they decided to move north along the edge of Kingfisher Forest. Ramår was noticeably uncomfortable at the thought of approaching the forest, with their Second Sight ability subconsciously alerting them to magical influences in the forest's ecology, which were likely picked up by Ramår's more developed botany skills.

Ramår's gender is not specified, and 'they/them' pronouns are used to refer to them. They are also known as Ram or Rannmnå.


Posts featuring Ramår are referred to as "chapters". As of now, there are two chapters and one external reference to Ramår.

Wherein one breaks new ground

"Wherein one breaks new ground" is the first chapter, wherein the name and main attributes of Ramår are revealed, as well as their place of origin. Their origin story is also revealed in greater depth in the third chapter, "Wherein a blood pact is broken".

Ramår falls from a cliff into Kingfisher Forest. They survive the fall, but notice peculiar things about the forest surrounding her. Leaving the forest, they go north along the linear border of the woods to find a way home or people to assist her.

Their origin story is further revealed in the third chapter, "Wherein oaths are broken".

Wherein one meets strange folk

The second chapter of Ramår's adventures, in which they spy on the people of Ceadaichte Mòir before entering the forest. She tracks down Rizali Corvus' party in Kingfisher Forest at the end of the chapter.

As the night falls on the plains, Ramår arrives near a village of hillsfolk, which they fear and decide to stay away from. This village is Ceadaichte Mòir. Having seen inhabitants of the village leaving for the forest and wielding torches, they elect to go after them stealthily, in order to approach them more easily and with the goal of alerting them to the dangerous aura of the forest. Ramår uses their enchiridion for the first time, and uses it to track the torchlight down using smoke and ash as leads. Finally, they suddenly find themselves right before the party.

Wherein oaths are broken

This chapter sees significant character development throughout. It is the first true encounter of Ramår with strangers.

After the last chapter ended, Leeva inquires as to the identity and name of Ramår who has just stumbled into the clearing where they were resting.