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Locations within Ustendelle

Mount Abandon


Mount Abandon is a large limestone monolith that sits approximately four kilometres south of Ceadaichte Mòir. Although not a true mountain, the unique shape of the cliff formation creates a view from the ground of a large white pillar of stone that stands taller than the surrounding cliffs. It was given its name by the late Talamaeus Laeraxius when he claimed both it and the surrounding slops and meadows as a part of his new found empire, located just outside of town. There are various craters and burn marks about the grounds at the base of the cliff.

There is a ledger retained at the abode of Ceadaichte Mòir resident Síne which enumerates, in neurotic detail, the volume and description of every boulder, stone, and pebble on and about Mount Abandon.

Port Erin


Port Erin is a port of entry to Ustendelle from Elahána. Situated on the border between the two nations, the town is wedged in the valley between two large and otherwise impassable mountains, in the far east of the country. Living within the town is subsidised by the government, as most of its occupants reside there in some governmental capacity to enforce the immigration and customs standards as the closest and international access point to Coxarif.

In Small Town Friendly, Kaegan reveals that he was originally from Port Erin, and makes light of the irony that the port town does not actually feature any water.