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Controlled by: Zoe
Species: Unknown

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades: CRF Moderator, BoA scenario designer
Items: Many scripts

"Did you have to do that, Saph?" - Iffy

Iffy is a rather strange member of Calamity Refuge. He is a moderator and classified as a mage, but his powers are special. He uses the power to activate scripts to make better use of his power. He can make one instantly appear from his hidden archive which is inaccessible from any other means. He uses the scripts as a way to let it out in a more controlled manner.

Physical Appearance

Iffy is approximately 5'5" tall, and weighing 98 pounds. While this may seem unusually light for someone of that height, remember that he is both not exactly a human and has a strange metabolism. He generally is wearing dark clothing. People claim that he smells slightly of muffin, but this is because of how many he eats.


Iffy is actually rather intelligent, despite what others say. He spends so much time acting different than what he really is, that no one is quite sure what his true personality is. He will save people if he can, but he will be reasonable in most cases. He has his unique way of logic.


Iffy, along with his partner Saph, never stay in one place. They generally move around from place to place. At the Refuge, they tend to sleep where ever they can, which is generally Ligrev's Inn. Sylae has given them Floor 28 of the Admin Tower as a permanent residence. Whether they will use it or not is yet to be seen.


Iffy was a moderator of the General Forum until Sylae promoted him to Admin shortly after being officially instated as ArchAdmin herself.

Relations with Refugi

Iffy keeps to himself often, but occasionally ends up having some effect on the other member's lives.

Jewels: After Iffy saw that Nalyd had taken her baby, Iffy told her. She grew more respect for him after that. Then another time Iffy felt something, like she may have done something, but that thought quickly slipped.

Ackrovan: Iffy and Saph hold much respect for Acky after he had rescued them from where they were in Ermaria when they had no strength to escape themselves. Afterwords Iffy transporting them all back to the others.

w-dueck: Iffy respects him for his skills of maintaining everything and as a leader. Iffy usually calls him Will.

Sylae: Iffy respects and trusts her because w-dueck did.

NPC Relations

Iffy's family line and origins have been expanded on since the start of Rebirth. A detailed account of Iffy's family origins was written in the chapter The Zene Legacy by Jewels.

  • Zene - The original being that became all of Iffy's family line. IC the being split itself up into 8 other beings in order to experience more of life. It has been said that only one of the eight can survive in the end as the new Zene and only Nix remembers this IC. As far as any of them know, the only life force they can absorb is other Zene. It is, at least, the only life force that they crave.
  • Saph - Iffy's bonded parnter. Saph managed to find him again after three long years of separation. They have been inseperable since. Iffy and Saph can communicate telepathically as can every bonded pair. They may disagree about how to handle some things, but ultimately act in unison.
  • Fay - Part of Iffy's family line. Deceased by qUe before FT timeline began.
  • Torl - Part of Iffy's family line. Deceased by Esur before FT timeline began.
  • Xei - Torl's bonded partner. Deceased by Esur before FT timeline began.
  • Eva - Part of Iffy's family line. Deceased by Nix.
  • Emair - Eva's bonded partner. Deceased by Nix.
  • Esur - Part of Iffy's family line, whom Iffy refers to as his "cousin". He has a dislike for Iffy and has attempted to kill him in the past. Deceased IC by Nix with half of his life force going to Iffy.
  • Ruse - Esur's bonded partner. Deceased IC by Nix.
  • qUe - Part of Iffy's family line. She mysteriously appears and disappears in many chapters. She has been friendly to Iffy, saving his life at one point. In The Zene Legacy, she was revealed to have been the first of the 8 to kill another family member because of the corruption of the bonded partner ceremonies. She pushed Fay down the stairs where all members absorbed a little of her life force and started thirsting for more.
  • Reth - qUe's bonded partner.
  • Sal - Part of Iffy's family line.
  • Eoli - Sal's bonded partner.
  • Nix - Part of Iffy's family line. She used to be Iffy's lover before Iffy decided he wanted a bonded partner. She has been hunting Iffy and other family members disguised as a mysterious man. She already holds a small portion of Iffy's power, has absorbed Eva and Emair, and has absorbed half of Esur and Ruse's life force.
  • (Unnamed Lady) - Out to get revenge against Iffy for killing her parents.

Zene Family Power

While power in itself does not determine who will win a certain battle, it does help determine how difficult a battle should be and how much help should be needed to win a battle. The following is a numerical based tally that shows how much power each of the Zene family has. With bonded partners, the Zene family member gives up one unit of power and the bonded partner has an equal amount of power. For example, if Torl started with 3, when he created Xei, he would have 2 and she would have 2. If Xei dies, Torl reverts to 3. When life force is absorbed, no more than the amount reverted to may be added.

Current standings are:

  • Nix: 14
  • Iffy: 5 + 1(Saph 5)
  • qUe: 3 + 1(Reth 3)
  • Sal: 3 + 1(Eoli 3)


Not much was revealed about Iffy's past mostly due to him not remembering it himself. The following has been revealed IC.

  • One of eight parts of the original entity Zene.
  • Shares this origin with Fay, Torl, Eva, Esur, qUe, Sal, and Nix.
  • Was Nix's lover until he decided he wanted a bonded partner.
  • Teamed up with Nix to try to kill Esur for his life force, but fled and abandoned Nix when the fight went poorly.
  • Was bonded with Saph a long while ago. No one knows when. They hadn't even seen her until recently, since Iffy had originally came before their separation.