Herbert Wallace

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Do not DARE test me, child, I am an emperor! Crowned by the epic forces of nature which roared and bellowed upon my arrival and coronation upon this plane!

Herbert Wallace
Wallace, self-styled Emperor of Mount Abandon

Controlled by: Luca
Species: Human
Born: AE544
Died: AE607
(63 years)
Nationality: Independent.png Independent

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades:
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Wilderness Survival
Net Worth: ⓟ 28.00

Herbert Wallace, who was also known as Talamaeus Laraxius, was a chemistry and geological sciences teacher from Ustendelle. In AE600, he fled the capital city of Coxarif to a meadow outside the hamlet of Ceadaichte Mòir and proclaimed himself God-Emperor of Fyrom. Wallace was killed in AE607 by an Ustendelli town guard, while seeking to enforce an imperial edict. Upon his death, his narrator also ceased to exist.



Wallace appeared as an older gentleman of average height in his early sixties. Presumably, it was not always so, although there are no available witnesses to verify this claim, due in part to his proximity from his home of origin, as well as the relatively low life expectancy of Ustendel. His hair was pure white, wiry, and extended in all directions. His eyes twitched from chronic malnutrition, and his oral hygiene was considered poor.

He wore a burly, brown patchwork robe that he retained from his time teaching in the capital, repaired countless times. Beneath his robe was any manner of cloth that could be bundled together and attached to his person. The presence of shoes was not a reliable condition.


By all accounts, Wallace was insane, whereas his primary social group was the variety of inanimate objects and animals that fell within the boundaries of his domain. His dealings with the residents of Ceadaichte Mòir were terse and often strained. Wallace would not relent from the assertion that his claim on the Empire of Fyrom was legitimate and could only be negotiated with by an ambassador. Further attempts to enter his domain or otherwise hold a dialogue of his status were met with volatile and occasionally violent responses.


Earlier in his life, Wallace was a prominent chemistry teacher in the Ustendelli academy Finian Youth Academy and Rotary Observatory M in Coxarif. Through his various studies and research into calligraphy, he came to the conclusion that the would would be consumed by a sea of lava at the end of the year in AE600. With the credibility and backing of the Academy, he began to warn the general public to make preparations for their untimely demise. The result was a scene of panic and mass hysteria which wracked the city and ground its productivity to a halt until the date of the apocalypse came and went, later that year. With neither demise nor destruction arriving as prophesied, Wallace was driven out of town by an angry mob which sought to rectify the lack of destruction by creating some at the site of his house.

Emperor of Fyrom

Fleeing from Coxarif to preserve his life, Wallace found himself exiled to the far reaches of Ustendel in the hamlet of Ceadaichte Mòir. With neither money nor the youth needed to engage in normal employment, purchasing a home in town was not possible. Wallace, therefore, ventured out to a nearby meadow where he encountered an abandoned barn, where he remarked that this would be his new empire. He remained encamped there for the remainder of AE600, until in AE601, where a windstorm drove him from the barn out of concerns for its structural integrity. A circular branch fell on his head. As the weeks passed, he came to look on that event more and more as divine providence and an endorsement of his territorial acquisition.

Proclaiming his new imperial name as Talamaeus Laraxius, Wallace constructed a semi-subterranean earthen mound, where the aerodynamic qualities would alleviate any threats from future wind storms. He sought to the territory's security by constructing a series of firebombs with the skills of his previous occupation. Regrettably, lack of consistent nutrition (including non-hallucinogenic nutrition), eventually resulted in neurological damage that brought Wallace increasingly close to another dimension of reality. He began notating everything within the territory and developing a robust system of law under which all of the objects and animals within the domain would be subject.


During an ordinary patrol of the status of Fyrom in AE607, Wallace became aware of the sounds of human activity, which had been legislated out of existence in AE604. He launched an assessment party which consisted of himself and a nearby bird, to discover that a caravan, commanded by Rizali Corvus, had been set up over a gravel rectangle which he considered to be sacred ground. Driven into a fit of rage by the blatant disregard of his rule of law, Wallace attacked Kaegan Kieran who had been sitting on a wagon over the ground in question. A nearby guard struck him in the chest with a crossbow bolt, killing him instantly. He was 63 years old.


There is a small tablet inside his mud hut with a jarringly accurate tabulation of every pebble at the base of Mount Abandon.

Mount Abandon, which was given its name by Wallace in AE601, retains that name to this day.